Jean-Marc Hanna, photographer: My Fucking Double!

Les instantanés de Cédric, photographer: We met some times during my trips around the world. He is lucky to travel a lot for his job, and his pictures are wonderful. I want to share his work because most of the photos are amazing, with this little “je ne sais quoi” very chic. I invite you to follow him on Instagram.  

cAmille, peintre sculpteur: Her favorite subject? Human, his fears, his incoherences.

ScALp, photographer: Games of light and shadow between provocation and sensuality.

Nane, peintre: Another look on the Basque Country

Pascale Peyret, photographe plasticienne: Her work questions the living and the relationship between man, nature and technology. Pascale gives life to  hybrid installations, plays on the confusion of perceptions and questions the movements of memory. My favorite? Anamorphose. “Anamorphose is a vast living sculpture, light and sound: in luminescent pockets grow cuttings tradescantia modest plant is better known under the name of misery – Hispanics who call it” amor de hombre “- love of man. Hanging in clusters they invade the nave of St Merry. Chants of opulence and misery songs complete the group: the opulence of voices and choirs contrast with the poverty of stamps and unite discordant “.